2361156-nes_basesloadedVideo games are a thing of beauty and with games like the Bases Loaded video game and accompanying franchise, there are many evolutions. The game was released in 1987 and was originally released as an arcade game. After that, Bases Loaded went through a wide range of changes and reissues that have made it bigger and better than ever.

The original release was somewhat sketchy, this means that it was highly pixilated, the players were not at all well designed, and it was a turn based game. This is fun in and of itself and was a great game for anyone to play. The first reissue was in 1990 and it was for Game Boy. Anyone that had a Game Boy knows that Bases Loaded was one of the first games that was really well adapted to the platform.

As the game was reissued for the Game Boy, it was refined a bit and was a far better quality graphics than the first release. The game remained widely unchanged from the 1990 reissue until it was again reformatted to fit the Virtual Console that is the Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, and eventually the Wii U. The first reissue for Wii kept much of the initial game play the same working to mainly make the transitions smoother and to make the game a bit more complex. Back then we didn’t have gaming teams to join to keep gaming fun and we certainly didn’t have Twitch streams to watch others play Bases Loaded.

The game was again reformatted for Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and 2014 and was made to fit on a much smaller scale but that was still great for anyone that wanted an easy to play and fun to play game. The last reissue of the game was for Wii U in 2014 and it boasted great graphics, beautiful players, and fantastic transitions.

The game started in Japan where it is known as Moero!! Pro Yakyuu. The game was extremely popular in the Japanese market as baseball is not really a sport that is widely played in Japan. The game did not lose any of its novelty with the Japanese market and as it has been reissued and reformatted, it is still one of the coolest games around.