FIFA_15_Cover_ArtEveryone loves a good sports game and FIFA is just that. This game works on a huge number of different consoles which makes for a very easy and fast play. The game started in 1993 and has since been re-released every year around the time of the soccer World Cup. Each year the players, designs, and plays are changed to reflect the different changes that have been going on in the world of soccer through the year.

Soccer/Futbol can be boring if you are not sure what you are doing but FIFA makes it completely easy to learn the game and have a great time playing it. EA Games is the producer of this world class game and it makes for a fantastically designed game that is perfect for players of all ages.

Some of the platforms that the game is being played on are PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Game Boy, Sega, Amiga, and more. With such a wide range of platforms you can find the game just about anywhere. The notable thing about this game was that it was the first and only game that held the official FIFA label meaning that it was the only one that had been condoned by the organization.

As such, the FIFA game series was able to have accurate uniforms, plays, and characters that other games were only able to imitate. Rather than having to imitate the uniforms and flags, FIFA was able to recreate key players and uniforms making for a very authentic experience, there are some very competitive FIFA gaming teams that compete worldwide and some of the most popular Twitch steams are FIFA based. The game includes teams from all around the world and comes in a wide range of languages meaning that everyone can play which again helps to make this game so incredibly popular.

Though it would seem like an reissue every year would be tiring, there are just as many people if not more lined up each year to get the newest addition to the FIFA family. The games themselves have changed over time and now have seriously incredibly vivid graphics that are very lifelike and that make game play far more fantastic than any other soccer game on the market.