The Classic Football Game Experience of all Time: Madden

There have been many collectible covers of The Madden Video Game over the past 26 years, so after the historic XLIX Super Bowl Championship the next question is: Will Tom Brady, Quarterback of the 2014 Champion Patriots, be the next Madden Game cover model? You can find out that and even some of the latest NFL news and rumors all online.

The Madden Video has changed the face of football, adding a new dimension to the game rules, and tutoring young video game players on the exciting intricacies of American football.Global Popularity in the Video World

Wherever you may be, on a military base in Afghanistan, every college dorm, a tropical island in Guam, vacationing in Europe, or poolside in Hawaii, there’s an excellent chance you’ll hear the familiar game sounds, cheers, and roars of Madden Video playoff competitions. This Madden fascination has been a continuous phenomenon since the very first version release “1988 John Madden’s Football“.

Who knew? After 26 years of upgrading to perfection, we’d have the game extraordinaire with the intricate plays and realistic moves of today’s video version “Madden NFL 25“.


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The History: How Did this Madden Videogame get so Awesome?

Madden NFL is the greatest sports simulation video game series of all time. Because EA Sports holds the exclusive licensing rights in partnership with the National Football League, (NFL), Madden has the distinction of being the only American football video series that can include every NFL Team and all the players. This is unmatchable realism.

The advances in realistic movement of individual players on the field, unbelievable stadium design and featured effects, and the ability for users to create and manage our own NFL Franchises never get stale.

Having fun while actually learning to assemble playbooks adds deeper interest when watching the live players at a game or on television. It is always fun to see a ten-year-old “educate” the-know-it all college jock at a Super Bowl Party! Madden tournaments are also extremely popular on Twitch, with a lot of players broadcasting Twitch streams of their MUT games. While gaming teams aren’t popular, there is still plenty to watch.

How Did This Happen?

The founder of Electronic Arts, (EA Sports), Trip Hawkins, wanted to meet with Oakland Raider’s Coach, John Madden, because he was a Super Bowl Winning Coach, a Hall of Fame Award winner and had exceptional narrative experience. Because he really knew everything about the game, Hawkins wanted Madden to endorse his idea and be a consultant to keep everything about the video play action realistic.


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The design included everything from weather conditions, player injuries and penalties. The first versions only had single games. The advanced versions feature season play, creating an entire team from scratch and voice commentary. The Madden video series has sold over one hundred million copies.