MLB_14_The_Show_Cover_ArtMLB the Show is one of the newest franchises to come into the fold of professional game simulators. In fact, the game only first saw its debut come along in 2006, starting with MLB 06: The Show. At the time, there were far more MLB games on the market and it went into direct competition with the EA Sports offerings. The game itself is produced by SCE San Diego Studio, so while it is not the only major league baseball game produced, it is one of the few to take on EA and its sporting simulator dominance. In fact, every year, Twitch broadcasters go crazy over the game, airing tons of Twitch Streams on launch day.

The first release of the game took over for the previous 989 Studios’ MLB series. The first release also game out for only Playstation systems featuring David Ortiz. In fact, this is a PlayStation only video game, so those looking to play a baseball simulator on any other system need to look for a different gaming system. While the first release came out for the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable, versions MLB 07 through MLB 11 were made available for the PS2, PS3 and PSP.

The 07 version featured David Write, the 08 version had Ryan Howard on the cover and the 09 version showed Dustin Pedroia. The last version to be made available for the PS2, MLB 11, featured Joe Mauer (he also appeared on the 2010 cover as well).

The MLB 2012: The Show saw two different cover releases for the first time, with Adrian Gonzalez on the American release and Jose Bautista on the Canadian release. In 2013, SCE San Diego Studio added a third cover, with Andrew McCutchen in the United States, Jose Bautista again for the Canadian release and Wei-Yin Chen for the Taiwan release.

In 2014, a fourth release accompanied the others this time as well, with Shin-Soo Choo gracing the cover for the South Korean release (Wei-Yin Chen appeared on the Taiwan release again with Miguel Cabrera appearing on the US release and Brett Lawrie appearing on the Canadian release cover). Information for the 2015 releases, outside of Yasiel Puig for the US cover, have yet to be announced.