The history and success of video games goes hand in hand with that of its sport related franchises. Since the very first console, players have been lining up to play digital versions of their favorite pro sports with their friends and family from the comfort of their own home. In doing so they’ve created a legacy worth analyzing so, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sports games of the past 25 years!

Madden NFL 2005 (Gamecube, PS1, PS2, XBox, Nintendo DS, PC, GBA)

The Madden franchise can almost singlehandedly be thanked for revolutionizing what we expect out of our virtual sports. The Madden games date all the way back to the 80’s and 90’s but it wasn’t until their 2005 entry that the team really hit their mark. Madden 2005 brought on board a whole host of enhancements for the incredibly poplar franchise mode which included a Radio Show and a Newspaper to immerse fans into the game. You can still find the popular NFL game on many Twitch streams.

MVP Baseball 2005 (PS2, XBox, Gamecube, PC, PSP)

2005 was a good year for sports video games as it marked the first generational leap in technical ability. Fans began to expect more out of their video games and EA Sports proudly delivered with one of the most popular sports games of all time. MVP Baseball featured Manny Ramirez on the cover and it is highly regarded as one of the most capable simulations on that generation of consoles. The game featured all of the regular match types that fans would expect along with a feature called Dynasty Mode. Dynasty Mode allowed users to run a franchise for decades as they built a winning team. It’s ranked 98th overall on IGN’s Top 100 Video Games Of All Time.

NBA 2K13 (360, Wii, WiiU, PS3, PSP, PC)

The NBA 2K series stands above all other basketball franchises in the virtual world. They’ve been steadily competing against teams like the NBA Live crew, but it wasn’t until the 2K13 release that everyone realized how much better 2K Sports had become. 2K13 featured Jay Z as a producer and it brought to the forefront the uber popular “My Player” mode. In short, NBA 2K13 made an NBA game resemble the real product and for that we are all thankful.