48238_frontFrom the beginning of video games, sports themed games have always been a popular part of the video games news genre. Games like NBA Jam Basketball, Hole In One Golf, Super Tennis and especially John Madden Football have sold millions and million of copies to entertain willing gamers. Here are some of the most popular games in each different sports genre.

RBI Baseball— This NES video game came out in 1986. It was the first game to have official licensing status from Major League Baseball, and the cool thing about it was that it featured real ball players names. The original was very well received and seven sequels went on to be made because over 2.5 million copies of RBI Baseball were sold to gaming consumers.

Excitebike—A motocross racing game that came out in 1985 in America that allowed players to race solo or take on computer based challengers. It’s ranked as the number 15th best Super NES game of all time, selling 1.57 million copies overall.

Double Dribble–Released in 1986 by Konami people really got into this basketball themed game because you could watch scenes of players slam dunking the ball. It was only the second basketball game ever made after “Super Basketball.” Over two million copies were sold warranting a sequel called “Double Dribble the Playoff Edition.”

Punch Out—  This hard hitting boxing game was released in 1987 and sold 2 million copies, proving to be one of the best combat sports games of its time. When it was released in America it was actually called Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Many sequels were made of this knock out game. and is considered number 17 on the list of all time greatest Nintendo games.

Bases Loaded– Another baseball themed game on the list is Bases Loaded which came out in 1988 selling around 2.3 million copies. The teams featured in this game aren’t actual baseball teams, but were made up for the game play. One of the quirks of the games is that the pitcher can get charged by the batter. Get a copy of the game while you go over the hottest MLB news and rumors today.

Blades of Steel–This great ice hockey game was released in 1987 and sold 1.2 million copies. There are three different levels of game play; junior, college and pro (NHL). Players in the game are also able to fight each other with the losing player ending up in the penalty box, something that will certainly show up in the latest NHL news and rumors if it happened in a live NHL game.

Tecmo Super Bowl–Released in 1991, this was the first football game that was licensed by the NFL so real players and team names were used. The game was very success in the later Super NES years selling 3 million copies. Fans are dedicated and keep up on the latest NFL news and rumors to see if the game could make a comeback.